Education aux Mondes et aux Autres

Welcome to our english space

European section

Ouverture de 2 sections Européennes dès la rentrée 2011: ANGLAIS

- BAC Pro Commerce section Européenne
- BAC Pro ARCU section Européenne

Le Conseil Régional a validé l’ouverture d’une section Européenne pour les deux Bacs Commerce et ARCU, pour l’antenne CFA de La MFR de la GRIVE. Cette ouverture prend effet à compter de la promotion 2011-2014, et concerne tous les apprentis accueillis en Bac Pro.

Caractéristique de ces sections :

- Enseignement d’une discipline de l’enseignement professionnel en langue étrangère (Technique de vente / Communication)
- La réalisation d’une mobilité internationale (séjour en entreprise d’au moins 3 semaines)
- Renforcement des apprentissages de la langue étrangère (Club, logiciel online)

- La passation d’une épreuve d’examen spécifique (oral de 40 Minutes dont 20 minutes de préparation)

Obtention d’un Bac Professionnel, mention section Européenne, si au minimum :

- 12/20 à l’épreuve de premier groupe langue vivante
- 10/20 à l’épreuve spécifique.

Welcome to the Futuroscope

On the 27th of April we went to the Futuroscope.
On the way to the Futuroscope, we stopped for a visit at Oradour s/ Glane, this village was the place of a horrible slaughter at the end of the Second World War.
After that, we set off again and after spending 8 hours in the coach, we finally arrived to the amusement park at two o’clock pm.

Inside of the park the teachers left us free and we really had a good time! We have done a water fight and we laughed a lot…

We appreciated the hotel and the fooding!
On the way back we visited a porcelain factory in the region of Limoge.
We really loved this trip and we will keep a good memory of it for a long long time!

We have considered this trip as a week of holidays. It made us very happy because we had the opportunity of making several attractions without having the teachers behind us. The weather was magnificent, we had a lot of sun during all the stay, it was warm, the water games were welcome … Everybody had fun and we will not regret this week because we really had a good time!

Billie, Laurène, Thomas et Victor.

The bedrooms were simple and we were lucky to have a small TV to watch the TV programs before going to sleep… Moreover, we had a very tasty breakfast ;)
We appreciated to eat at the restaurant of the park.
We were also very impressed by the sounds and lights show of Wednesday evening. It was amazing…
Thank you for this small journey, we really appreciated the humor of our teachers and we had a good time with them!

Meggy, Jessica, Shelly, Elina

E Learning english

In our school, students have three computer rooms at their disposal.
One of them has been entirely converted into an english learning laboratory and equipped with microphones.

It allows the pupils, whatever their level, to work together on the different skills (speaking, writing, listening, and reading) according to the European Language Portfolio.
This way of learning gives students the opportunity to work on the English school program while having fun.
And out of the classroom, the teenagers keep studying… at home thanks to “tell me more online”

Here we are !

The year 10 pupils have created their own English space on the web site of the MFR La Grive!

Everything you will find here (articles, pictures, games…) has been realized by them during the English lessons!
We hope you like it… Have a good trip!

Let’s talk about the equipments of the MFR

The different spaces you can find here are: a great dining room able to welcome about 200 people, a fully equipped kitchen, many classrooms and about 80 beds. The bedrooms can accommodate 2 to 4 people and all have their own bathroom. There are also several meeting rooms, computer rooms and a very large car park. You will be pleased to discover a beautiful green space accommodated with benches.

If you need a place where to organize a birthday or a wedding; if you are a training center looking for a place where to deliver your lessons or organize meetings... come to us and ask more information!

Fabiola et Cathy

The activities

In the MFR La Grive, we spend the main part of our free time in the rest room.

We can play table football or ping-pong. We also have a billiard table!
It’s even possible to watch T.V. during our breaks or in the evening.

The playground is amazing! There is a big park with benches; we have our own football ground and even a backboard to play basketball.

Each week, various activities are organised to make our stay here more pleasant: parties, drawing, karaoke, ice skating...

We have a big car park that allows us to come by car, by bike or by scooter.

Allan et Mickaël

The computer rooms :

In our school, there are three computer rooms. These rooms all have a free access to the Internet; it is moreover possible to get a Wi Fi connection from anywhere. The biggest room is composed of 25 computers with flat screens. It can be used as a language laboratory to work on Tell Me More.

The two other rooms can be used by smaller groups and are also linked up with the Internet as well as with the network of the MFR.

The IT managers for the computer equipment are Mr Ballaz and Mr Jacubowski.

Anna et Samantha